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A part of the critique written by Manouchehr Mughari regarding the visit of my painting exhibition in the Ettela'at newspaper "...The distinguishing feature of the work of this young artist is the selection of her black and gray background, which is characterized by personality independence and adequate courage. Her work has an apparent balance, but she has active thoughts..."  

​I have always been fascinated with positive and negative space in Eastern art, and with Iranian and Japanese miniatures. Whether I am painting still life, landscape, portrait   - I always strive for a unique and poetic statement. I aim to achieve mysterious simplicity regardless of the medium and I enjoy using oil, acrylics, gouache, crayons, watercolour, pastels and charcoals to produce this effect. 


I create silence and latency in my works through scarce use of forms and colour, leaving the narrative without the certainty of ending, so that the viewers can imagine their own.  Some of my most simplistic works, such as Desert and Winter, use minimum elements to portray fictional and mysterious worlds. 


My figure works are meditations on femininity and discovering the concept of death, life and birth. Blank spaces in these works are filled with nostalgia, expectation and waiting for love. Although most female figures are seen from behind, the viewer feels the restlessness and impatience of a lover in the quietude of the scene.


Through the use of contradictions and paradoxes in my work, I frequently engage in relevant societal and cultural issues and migration.

"Between Correspondence" is about the life of a woman in her new country. The map acts as a metaphor for home and the separation from her family and country. Through the use of a  simple technological device, it depicts the importance of communication and connection from one’s former home to the current new life and shows the value and importance of the virtual world and the Internet.  Symbols such as needle, thread, and scissors also act as a metaphor and depicting separated relationship, which has been cut and disconnected both physically and emotionally.

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