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A part of the critique written by Manouchehr Mughari regarding the visit of my painting exhibition in the Ettela'at newspaper "...The distinguishing  feature of the work of this young artist is the selection of her black and gray background, which is characterized by personality independence and adequate courage. Her works has an apparent balance, but she has active thoughts..."  

​I have always been fascinated with positive and negative space in Eastern art, and with Iranian and Japanese miniatures. Whether I am paining still life, landscape, portrait   - I always strive for a unique and poetic statement. I aim to achieve mysterious simplicity regardless of the medium and I enjoy using oil, acrylics, gouache, crayons, watercolor, pastels and charcoals to produce this effect. 


I create silence and latency in my works through scarce use of forms and color, leaving the narrative without the certainty of ending, so that the viewers can imagine their own.  Some of my most simplistic works, such as Desert and Winter, use minimum elements to portray fictional and mysterious worlds. 


My figure works are meditations on femininity and discovering the concept of death, life and birth. Blank spaces in these works are filled with nostalgia, expectation and waiting for love. Although most female figures are seen from behind, the viewer feels the restlessness and impatience of a lover in the quietude of the scene.


Through use of contradictions and paradox in my work, I frequently engage in relevant societal and cultural issues.





  • Over twenty years progressive experience as an independent visual artist

  • Master's degree in Fine Art

  • In depth knowledge of visual arts and different styles of painting and techniques

  • Extensive knowledge of art history and different art genres

  • Experience in painting and drawing in realistic and unrealistic style

  • Practitioner of Land Art (Earth Art)

  • Experienced art lecturer and instructor with innovative approaches for establishing contact with  audience and students




  • Group exhibition and workshop "Symposium International De Peinture Et Sculpture Du-Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean", Canada 2014

  • The Exhibition Of the World of Islam

  • Painting Biennial Exhibition of Iran

  • First Winter Illustration Biennial Exhibitions in Iran

  • Over 40 group exhibitions in Iran

  • 5 solo exhibitions in Iran


  • Post-modernism and Feminism in Arts, Annual Painting Exhibition of Isfahan, Iran, 2003

  • Pluralism in the Post-modern Arts, Soureh University of Shiraz, Iran, 2012


Awards & honours


  • Received letter of appreciation and recognition for the the first elected thesis of the academic year in Master's Degree programme,  with the title Post-Modernism in the field of the visual arts




  • Permanent member of Abie-BIkarane-Honar group since 2004

  • Participation in Iranian Artist Women Group


Work experience


Independent art practice                                                                                                         1992 - 2017

Art lecturer, University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran                              2009 - 2014

Graphic designer, Iran Khodro Co. (IKCO) Tehran, Iran                                                        1999 - 2009

Art Instructor, School of Art, Tehran, Iran                                                                               1997 - 1999


Education and Training


 MFA, Painting,Tarbiyat Modares University, Tehran,  Iran                                                                2001

 BA, Painting, Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran                                                                                  1997

  Art Diploma, Painting, Mirak Art School, Tabriz, Iran                                                                       1991

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