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ISBN 978-1-7772623-0-3


Julieta, a young girl, is faced with a puzzling situation. A new virus has spread worldwide and is dampening the spirits of many, including hers. She can’t visit anyone or go outside freely. She wants to close her eyes to escape from it all. But, she begins to be hopeful. She knows life is beautiful. She decides to do ...

Um Vírus Pequenininho


    The digital book, A Teeny Tiny Virus, was created by Jamileh Salek, an Iranian-Canadian visual artist and illustrator. The digital book is intended to help families and young children deal with the COVID 19 crisis. The book teaches children and families how they can remain positive, creative and helpful, and it reminds them of the value and beauty of their lives. It is suitable for children 3 and older and for early readers.


    Fiction Ages 3-8
    Pages: 32
    Themes: pandemic, COVID-19, hope and love 

    80% of revenues go to the Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation


    If you are purchasing the book as a gift, please put the recipient’s email in the Email for order confirmation box during the checkout process. The recipient will be sent two emails. One is the receipt and one is the download file for the e-book. To download the book file, an app for reading digital books is necessary. Enjoy it!

    View the trailer for Julieta’s story and sample illustrations, click here!

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